Affordable Accounting Only Community Management

Our Accounting Only property management service begins with an accurate, customized financial management system

Perhaps you have a smaller association that requires less physical management or maybe your association does not have the budget for a full service property management solution. We have an Accounting Only option that may be the perfect solution for your property. We can create an affordable financial/accounting management solution for your association. The following services are included in our Accounting Only management system (please keep in mind these can be completely customized to meet your needs):

Taylor Management will collect and deposit all monthly assessment payments

Apply unit-owner payments and maintain real-time balance information (available to unit owners at their request via phone or internet)

Generate and send invoices detailing assessment charges, late charges, fines and other charges to unit owners

Generate and send statements to unit-owners with past-due balances

Assist in collection and legal matters

Pay all monthly property expenses (Insurance, Utilities, Janitorial, Etc). We will setup a bill payment approval system in accordance with your bylaws and standard procedures

Maintain payment records of all property expenses

Image all Deposited Items (Payments from Unit Owners) and Association Documents (Paid Bills, Contracts, Proposals, Etc.)

Prepare monthly financial reports including financial statements, detailed expense reports and unit owner balance reports

There are many more services included. We can add or remove services as you desire. We are eager to work with you no matter how small or large your association may be. Please contact our office at 847 201 6488 to request more information and a customized proposal designed around your association's needs. If you prefer you may also complete the information and proposal request by clicking here to receive more information by email.

We can generate and send you a customized property management proposal within hours of receiving your request, not weeks.

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Please complete the following form to receive a customized proposal for property management services

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