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Are you looking for a property management team focused on community associations?

Taylor Management is a property management company dedicated to management of condominium/townhome/homeowner associations. Our management system is designed around the needs of your association. We manage the physical property and association financial matters. Within months you will see the benefit of choosing Taylor Management for your financial and property management needs.

We manage residential properties throughout Chicago and the Midwest, the Southeast (Florida, Atlanta, South Carolina) and the West Coast (San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas). We are one of the fastest growing residential management organizations dedicated to community associations and residential property. In early 2005 we were recognized as one of America's fastest growing new businesses. Our growth is fueled by our commitment to provide the highest level of service to our clients. We respond to resident calls the same day. We actively manage every element of our properties from repair and maintenance to bill payments and financial statement preparation.

Here's what some our current clients have to say about our property management services:

"Taylor Management is responsive and hands-on. We appreciate the open, responsive communication" (J.R., Board Member, 75 Unit Chicago Condo Association)

"You guys have been great, you are responsive and have saved our association a great deal of money on our management fees and routine expenses like repairs and maintenance" (K.B., Board Member, 26 Unit Chicago Condo Association)

"Taylor Management is far more professional and accurate than our prior management service. Our financial statements are far more easy to read and accurate. We did not think anyone could sort out the accounting nightmare that our prior manager created; Taylor Management solved the problems quickly and properly" (D.G., Board Member, 25 Unit Chicago Townhome Association)

"We have been really impressed with Taylor Management's dedication to our condo association. Taylor Hogan attends our monthly board meetings and gives us an enormous amount of personal time and attention." (L.P., Board Member, 109 Unit Miami Condo/Townhome Associations)

"Our condominium association had a big problem collecting assessments from each unit owner. Several unit owners refused to pay their assessments which created big problems for our association. The situation and our cash flow improved within 30 days of retaining Taylor Management" (P.K., Board Member, 45 Unit, Las Vegas Condominium Association)

"Before Taylor Management our budget was unbalanced and we thought a special assessment was our only option. Taylor Management saved us thousands on our management fees, insurance and repair and maintenance expenses; no special assessment was needed and each unit owner actually received a one month assessment credit!" (E.M., Board Member, Chicago Condo Association)

"The builder/developer of our condominium association failed to turnover more than $15,000 in reserve funds. Taylor Management reviewed the accounting records and found an additional $3,500 in uncollected funds still due from our developer. Taylor Management assisted us in retaining an attorney and collecting the funds" (R.I., Board Member, 165 Unit Chicago Condominium Association)

We are eager to work with you no matter how small or large your association may be. Please contact our Chicago office at 847 201 6488 to request more information and a customized proposal designed around your association's needs. If you prefer you may also complete the information and proposal request by clicking here to receive more information by email.

We can generate and send you a customized property management proposal within hours of receiving your request, not weeks.

Full Service Property Management or Accounting Only

Many condominium, townhome and homeowners associations require a customized property management solution. We find most prefer a full-service solution customized to meet their needs. We also offer an "Accounting Only" option for associations that require less physical property management but recognize the value and necessity in having an accurate, real-time accounting system for their association.

Taylor Management has a customized, affordable property management solution designed around your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Board Members...

Do we markup repair and maintenance services provided by our vendors?

No. We never markup or charge a handling fee on services provided by our vendors. We feel this practice is unethical and in conflict with the ethical and moral standards established in the real estate industry.

Do we require an annual contract?

Many times we do not require an annual contract, particularly with smaller associations. We generally prefer a monthly renewable contract. We feel this provides both the client and our firm with the appropriate amount of flexibility.

Do we manage associations with less than 20 units?

Yes. We specialize in creating affordable, quality property management solutions for small and large community associations. We currently manage developments with as few as 4 units and as many as 175 units.

We are a small association, can't we just manage everything ourselves?

This is an option for every building. The real question is whether the board members are willing to spend the 10-40 hours required each month to effectively manage the association affairs. It's easy to overlook everything that must be done to properly manage the association:

  1. Pay bills every month
  2. Collect and track assessments for each unit owner every month
  3. Coordinate repair and maintenance services
  4. Respond to phone calls and correspondence from other unit-owners
  5. Prepare all necessary documentation for any sale or refinances within the property
  6. Coordinate board meetings
  7. Deposit monthly assessment payments
  8. Prepare annual budgets
  9. Prepare financial statements and bank reconciliations

There are many other professional services provided by Taylor Management. While it is possible to self-manage the end result can be undesirable. Often self-managed properties come to our firm for help after they have realized they time required. Taylor Management can provide an affordable, value-added property management solution designed around your specific needs. We would love to add you to our growing clientele. Please complete the information and proposal request by clicking here or call 847 201 6488 for more information. We look forward to speaking with you.

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